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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] restructure wui kickstarts and create setup scripts for RPM

Perry N. Myers wrote:
> Restructured the wui production and devel kickstart posts so that most of
> the functionality is moved into two scripts (ovirt-add-host and
> ovirt-wui-install).
> The post sections now contain just those steps that are specific to
> creating a production or development appliance.  This way, users who want
> to install on existing OSs can just run ovirt-wui-install manually.
> Spec file is updated to pull in the new scripts and omit the outdated
> scripts. Removed the references to the FreeIPA F7 repo, since those RPMs
> were very out of date.  Until we move to F9, we need to put the ipa RPMs
> into the ovirt-management repository.
> NOTE: The ovirt-fix-ipa script is a temporary hack so that the ipa server
> can run on the same host as the oVirt WUI.  As soon as we get RPMs from
> FreeIPA that have the ipa server running in /ipa this will go away.
> This seems like a huge patch, but a lot of it is moving blocks of code
> from the .ks files to other scripts.  Most of the functionality is maintained.
> Signed-off-by: Perry Myers <pmyers redhat com>

Well, there is a lot of code motion in here, but overall I think it is a good
cleanup to reduce code duplication.


Chris Lalancette

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