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Re: [Ovirt-devel] blocked on virt-viewer in Ovirt install preparation

Guo Lian Yun wrote:
> However, it report error when I configure virt-viewer of the following:
> checking for LIBVIRT... configure: error: Package requirements (libvirt
>>= 0.2.0) were not met:
> No package 'libvirt' found
> Actually, the libvirt is already installed in /usr, who knows why this
> fails?
> I try to install libvirt as default dir of /usr/local, but still fails
> for me.

I'm pretty sure you'll need the libvirt-devel package installed to compile this.

I guess my question is: why are you doing all of this by hand?  There are
packages in Fedora for *most* of the software we need in ovirt, and for those
pieces that we either need updated packages or packages not in Fedora, we have
an ovirt repository on http://ovirt.org with those packages.

Even better, we have pre-generated appliances and ways to create your own
appliances that already have ovirt embedded on them.  As a starting place, I
would strongly recommend going down this road.  Once you've seen what it can do
and how it works, then you can start compiling your own stuff from source.

Chris Lalancette

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