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[Ovirt-devel] Re: [PATCH] oVirt / RRD Test Data

Mohammed Morsi wrote:
Attached is my now functional ruby script to generate test / demo rrd data and the oVirt patch required to get it working (a few small code tweaks / fixes and a few fixture modifications).

1. To generate the data data simply run `ruby demo-rrd-data.rb`. There are a few variables at the top of the script which you can tweak to configure things like nodes generated, cpu's per node, interval in seconds between data points, etc. 2. To see the test data, you need to be running rails in the testing environment and have a populated ovirt_test db. This can be accomplished by running the tests once (eg 'rake test') 3. Alot of data needs to be generated, thus the script is slow (at least on my system), and it isn't yet set to generate the number of data points in a time period that collectd does / oVirt is expecting (change the $interval variable at the top of the script from 60 to 10 to do this, but this will be all the more slower). Since the graphs require more data points than it is currently getting, they appear a bit discrete. Perhaps we can correct this and run it on a faster machine and just send out and use the data set generated. Alternatively, I could disable some of the algorithms used to generated data and simply reuse data points for some of the graphs if series repetition is not a problem.



Looks like the script ran for a while. It generated the device dirs but
it did not generate the .rrd files.  So I have
/var/lib/collectd/rrd-test/node0/cpu-0 but it is an empty directory.

Debugging now...


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