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[Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] Sprint 5 tree widget rewrite (first draft)

The tree widget we have been using was overly complex and not meeting
our needs for navigation, so I rewrote it this sprint (though it is not
truly a widget right now, have to put off that step for a bit).  This
ended up being much more complex than I expected for numerour reasons,
not the least of which was trying to figure out a cleaner way to
generate the html for the nav tree.  I ended up settling, at least for
now, on the jTemplate plugin for jQuery.

Also fixed in this patch is the dual ajax call that was happening with
the old widget, so it should now _only_ hit /tree/fetch_json.  Bumped
the time up to every 10 seconds for refresh as well.  There may be some
tweaking needed in the css, but that is much simplified.  I did not have
time to apply this to popup trees yet, but it should be relatively
straightforward.  Once that is done, we can remove a couple javascript
files from the old treeview.


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