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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [RFC] Beginnings of a OVirt API

David Lutterkort wrote:
Here are a few patches that implement the beginnings of an API for
OVirt. They cover handling hosts and storage and hardware pools so
far. This patch is mostly meant for discussion, since there's still a few
things that need to be tweaked.

  * Where's the CLI ?

    I intended to accompany this with a nice clean CLI client that you can
    use for lots of things. Even with the current subset of the API, there
    are lots of interesting queries and actions one could perform, even
    with the current subset of the API. I'd like to avoid offering a
    million options from the CLI though. If anybody has pressing needs for
    CLI functionality, let me know, otherwise, I'll start making stuff up.

    Especially for querying, it's questionable if CLI access to query
    functionality is useful at all - if you want to see all the hosts in
    hardware pool 7, you can just

      wget http://management.priv.ovirt.org:3000/ovirt/rest/hardware_pools/7/hosts

    and get a nice XML document.

    Is there a need for a CLI client for interactive use that lets you
    avoid using a browser ? Not sure how important that is.

I believe that a lot of admin work tends to be performed via scripts. bash
and perl are two that I use.  I would think that adding new equipment to pools
or moving stuff between pools would be done via scripts quicker than via the wui,
especially when done in bulk.

In addition, I can envision admins writing scripts to respond to events / alerts.
Resources on hostX are running out, migrate vm-Y to hostA


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