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Re: [Ovirt-devel] How to make a Ovirt Cloud

 Niranjan M.R wrote:
Hi all,

I am newbie to this list and to the ovirt technology . I would like to know like

i have a system with 4GB RAM, 160 GBHDD, and AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000 system. With F9 installed , i use KVM for creating VM's. I have a similar system with the same configuration and in that system also i have F9 installed and use KVM to run certain VM's under it

What i would like to know, Is there a way i can combine both these system's in to one system (not physically) but through Network or something like that and install Ovirt . So that Ovirt thinks that i have total 8 GB RAM, 320GB HDD and 4 Processors. And i can create VM's using this pool of resources

Does oVirt alone would be enough or Do i need some kind of Grid kind of software to combine systems.

Any ideas on the above would be helpful

What you are describing is a single-system-image.  oVirt does not do that.

oVirt is designed to take the hardware systems, install a minimal kernel+hypervisor+tools layers, and then create a virtual pool of resources on which VMs can be deployed. The VMs are still going to be constrained by underlying physical resources.


Subhendu Ghosh

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