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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] configure Cobbler instance in oVirt appliance

Alan Pevec wrote:
Minimal Fedora install tree is imported into the image during appliance creation,
at appliance firstboot Cobbler distro and profiles are created,
using non-mirrored repositories to save appliance disk space and setup time.

Cobbler entries for each "fake" oVirt Node in developer setup is added
if you add more oVirt Nodes, define them as Cobbler system:
  cobbler system add --name=NodeName --profile=oVirt-Node-x86_64 --mac=00:11:22:33:44:55 --netboot-enabled=1
otherwise they will PXE boot to the default Cobbler boot menu, where
oVirt Node can be manually choosen

Had a conversation with Alan on IRC about this, but wanted to document here...

This patch means that the admin has to run "cobbler system" for each new Node. This adds an extra manual step to adding a new Node to a network. Here's a way around that (not for this patch, but for another subsequent patch)

1. Node initial boot goes to default PXE menu which has Node image as an
   option.  On first boot admin selects Node image
2. Node boots and registers with the oVirt Server and during registration
   the Server creates a cobbler system with the MAC address of the Node
   so that subsequent boots of the new box always default to the Node

Only thing that is bad about this setup is that for nodes with no keyboard/mouse/display (rack mount boxes) there's no way to select Node from the PXE default menu. In this case the admin needs to either manually add the system with the MAC before booting the first time as Alan instructs above. Or the Admin needs to configure cobbler so that the default option is the Node instead of Local Disk. We'll just need to provide instructions for doing this.


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