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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH] Make cobbler profile choice optional.(revised)

Perry N. Myers wrote:
Scott Seago wrote:
new VM page allows choice of any cobbler profile, or PXE (pxe boot without managing provisioning), or HD boot.

renamed cobbler_profile VM field 'provisioning', and store field as "cobbler:profile:$profilename".

This allows for cobbler image support, and possibly other provisioning schemes without rewriting the VM mode

wrapped new VM form cobbler call in begin/rescue so that we fall back gracefully (skip profiles) if cobbler isn't running.

Looks good, found one minor issue...

Since the ovirt node is itself a cobbler profile it shows up in the list of cobbler profiles to choose from. We should filter this out somehow... We don't want people choosing the recursive node option :)

Yes, apevec mentioned this today too. We had agreed to skip this for now, but it should be easy enough to resolve, as long as we can identify clearly what to expect the node profile to be called.


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