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Re: [Ovirt-devel] virt-viewer plugin integration issues

Chris Lalancette wrote:
Perry N. Myers wrote:
Dan you mentioned just falling back and using straight vnc plugin since we don't need the vnc port lookup since oVirt Server has that info. That doesn't work for when Node is in standalone mode with no server... And besides in standalone mode libvirt has to do digest-md5 since we have no kerberos infrastructure in that mode.

One thought.  You *can* setup libvirt to do completely unencrypted tcp
communication; you just need to set up libvirtd.conf properly.  So maybe we can
just do that in standalone mode, and bypass the digest-md5 thing altogether?
Since we aren't ever leaving the local node with the traffic, we really
shouldn't have a security concern.  Then (I think) we would be able to use the
VNC plugin.

Connection to libvirt is for virt-viewer to look up the VNC port,
and oVirt Server stores port in the database (updated by host-status daemon)
so you have all the info (hostname+port) to start any VNC client.

In standalone you must use virt-viewer since otherwise you don't know VNC port.

But you're right, in standalone mode we should just disable libvirt remoting and use local qemu:///system URL.

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