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[Ovirt-devel] Re: provisioning broken with rubygem-cobbler-0.0.2-1 and cobbler-1.1.1-2

+++ Perry N. Myers [21/08/08 22:25 -0400]:
It looks like code in network_interface.rb is trying to convert the MAC (which is a string) into an int for some reason and an exception is being thrown.

The problem, from what I'm seeing, is that taskomatic is trying to set the
System.interfaces field as an array of NetworkInterface instances. However,
System.interfaces is expected to be a hash where the interface name is the
key and the NetworkInterface is the value. This is to match how Cobbler is
encodes and expects the values.

Darryl, can you debug this and rebuild the RPM? Make sure you run a full regression test to make sure there are no problems before putting the RPM up on ovirt.org.

Taking care of that now. I'll have a patch sometime today after testing.

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