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[Ovirt-devel] Re: Added a configuration generation for managed nodes. It takes as input a

+++ David Lutterkort [25/08/08 16:43 -0700]:
+class ManagedNodeConfiguration
+  NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX='/files/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts'
+  def self.generate(host, macs)
+    result = StringIO.new
+ + host.nics.each do |nic| + iface_name = macs[nic.mac] + + if iface_name
+        result.puts "rm #{NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX}/ifcfg-#{iface_name}"
+        result.puts "set #{NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX}/ifcfg-#{iface_name}/DEVICE #{iface_name}"
+        result.puts "set #{NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX}/ifcfg-#{iface_name}/IPADDR #{nic.ip_addr}"    if nic.ip_addr
+ result.puts "set #{NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX}/ifcfg-#{iface_name}/BOOTPROTO dhcp" if nic.ip_addr == nil + result.puts "set #{NIC_ENTRY_PREFIX}/ifcfg-#{iface_name}/BRIDGE #{nic.bridge}" if nic.bridge + result.puts ""
+      end
+    end
+    result.puts "save"
+ + result.string
+  end

Minor nit: you could avoid the use of StringIO completely with a here
string (they allow interpolation with #{..})

Will using a here document allow for conditionally adding lines to the
document? For example, the IPADDR line only shows up if the nic.ip_addr is
defined. If so, can you point me to an example? I couldn't find one in the
pickaxe book that worked like that.

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