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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Configurable options for a Nic

Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
The database has mac, ip_addr, bridge, usage_type, and bandwidth:

 - mac and bandwidth would be read-only,
- ip_addr would be configurable, and if left blank is treated as implying
   DHCP for that interface
 - I'm not clear how we're using usage_type, but I believe that would
   necessarily be a drop-down list of values

So the oVirt host management screen would need to give us the ability to edit
the IP address and usage type for an interface.

Also, in looking at this list, I think I would, as a sysadmin, be confused
that there was no interface listed in the above. I don't think of NICs in
terms of their mac address but instead as the interface name itself. I think it would give some ease of reading to have the "last known" interface name
stored in the database and displayed as read-only with the other details.


usage_type would identify one nic as the 'management' interface, etc. And, yes, the list should probably be constrained to a set of known valid values. Besides 'management', I'm not sure what others we need. The management one is the only interface that's treated specially by ovirt (well it isn't yet, but it will be). This NIC is supposed to show up in the summary list for the host (which fields though?), and I believe this nic is also the one that will be required when "pre-filling" host information prior to first boot.


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