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Re: [Ovirt-devel] OVirt API for hosts and hardware/storage pools

David Lutterkort wrote:
[ Resent. The previous postings didn't have the actual patches in them ]

This is a revamp of the API I posted previously. The most important change
is that the REST specific controllers have been folded into the existing
controllers, so that the WUI and the API share the same business logic, and
in particular perform the same permission checks.

Once Steve's patches to allow HTTP authentication have been committed, the
API can be accessed through the URL
http://USER:PASSWORD SERVER/ovirt. Until then, you either have to hack the
config of your OVirt server to allow unauthenticated access and assume
that's user 'ovirtadmin', or direct API requests directly at the Mongrel
port at SERVER:3000

Patch 6/6 contains a little supporting client code and the example script
examples/script.rb that shows what you can do with the API (and how)

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/ovirt-devel/2008-August/msg00045.html

I didn't review the code since I'm not a Ruby hacker, but I did apply these and tested basic functionality. There were no regressions that I saw and the API code mostly worked, so I think this can be ACKed.

Of course we make no committments about API stability for a while yet. All things are subject to change for now...


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