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[Ovirt-devel] Re: Configurable options for a Nic

Darryl L. Pierce wrote:
+++ Scott Seago [27/08/08 14:19 -0400]:
So, in order to prefill a NIC, we'll need a "New" button on this page as well as the ability to edit and verify the mac address, yes? Should we be able to
edit the other macs?
Well the 'new host' form would be a bit of a special case. We'd only be able to fill in the MAC address for the management nic -- everything else would be blank (not sure about hostname, as I believe we'd need something there...)

There's no hostname column in nics: that's in hosts. Unless that's what you
were referring to.

Yes that's what I mean. Before bringing a host online, we would "pre-identify" it with the management nic -- creating the host object + 1 NIC object in the db. host-browser would fill in the rest when the node first boots up.
So that wouldn't come up on this form. In fact, I don't imagine you'd be able to edit the usage type -- unless the WUI is the place to redefine the management nic, etc. I'm not sure what the use case is for editing this field or adding/removing NICs or editing MACs.

Yeah, given that we can't control which NIC is the management one on the
machine, does it even make sense to have that in the DB at all?

Well we need to know this in order to show the mac address/other NIC info in the host summary list -- at least that's the idea I got from the IRC discussion last week.


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