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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Trouble on oVirt installation.

Naoya Terashima wrote:
Hi Perry
Thank you for your reply.
>How big is the VM you are trying to start (RAM, vCPUs)
The VM I'm trying to start has 502MB of memory and 1 vCPU.
>How many oVirt Nodes do you have running and how much RAM/CPU does each Node have?
I'm running three nodes and each one has 1 CPU and 502 MB of memory.

Are they fake nodes running on the same host as the oVirt Appliance? Or are these real physical boxes?

In either case, if the Node has 502 MB free, you can't use all of it for your virtual machines. You need to leave some for the hypervisor. We're estimating about 200MB right now, and working to decrease that number. So on a Node with 502MB of RAM, try creating a virtual machine with only 256MB of RAM and see if that succeeds.

We need to change the 'RAM available' on the Node view in the WUI to account for the amount of RAM that the HV is using and deduct it from the total. This will help to get around this confusion.

If you want real guests (not just toys) you need to use a physical host to run the oVirt Node with at about 2GB of memory. This will allow you to have guests with HW accelerated virt and enough memory to be useful. The fake nodes are not all that useful for running guests as they are fully emulated.

 >Are the oVirt Nodes in the hardware pool that the VM Pool is a child of?
>(are the nodes in default hardware pool, and your vms are in a subpool of default?)
I have three nodes running now.one is in the default hardware pool.
The others are in another hardware pools under defult hardware pool.
The VM pool I made is a child of the default hardwar pool.
>If it's not a resource problem,can you provide me with the log files
 >in /var/log/ovirt-wui on the appliance server?
I looked around for ovirt-wui file in the /var/log/ directory
but I couldn't find it.
I downloaded ovirt-developer-appliance-0.91-1-i386.tar and installed it
not ovirt-appliance-0.92-1-i386.tar.
Is it a problem?

It shouldn't be a problem to use 91-1, but I definitely recommend downloading 92-1 and using that instead since it is much better :)


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