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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Install issue on fresh F10

> Philippe Rodrigues wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply Pronix. I've installed Ovirt using "Install
>> Instruction" but if your solution can resolve availability of physical
>> node and NFS storage too, I can try it.
>>> i solve problem with libvirt-qpid .
>>> download src.rpm and build rpm.
> I have seen this error w/ libvirt-qpid on my hosts too.  The last update
> must have been a bad build.  I've rebuilt the libvirt-qpid packages for
> both i386 and x86_64 and put them up on ovirt.org repos.
> Please give these new RPMS a try and let me know if you encounter any
> issues.
> Thanks,
> Perry
It's work :-)
I download new libvirt-qpid package
do :
rpm -Uvh --force <download_path>/libvirt-qpid-0.2.9-0.i386.rpm
service libvirt-qpid start

I found this error in /var/log/messages
Dec 28 08:13:36 physical libvirt-qpid: Error: virConnectGetVersion
Subsystem qemu: internal error Cannot find QEMU binary /usr/bin/qemu: No
such file or directory in\
 NodeWrap.cpp:NodeWrap:82 code: 1
So I install qemu package, start ovirt-appliance and now both
physical-node and NFS storage are available.



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