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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [Patch] Make iscsi targets for the developer versions

Chris Lalancette wrote:
mark wagner wrote:
So from poking around a bit, with a single "tid" everything really gets rolled into one target (where target is node3:disk1) Multiple tids allows for different targets. I've included tgtadm show data below for comparison. I can code it either way. Just let me know which way we want it.

Right.  I think what danpb proposed is best.  Just pick a single target
name (something like management-iscsi), and then export multiple LUNs
from that single tid/target name.

Chris Lalancette

How does the wui treat the LUNs at this point ?
They are no longer available as a selection when specifying the storage. When using a single tid everything is presented as the same host:target but with different LUN number. So combining the wui changes with how we want to present the storage seems incompatible.


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