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Re: [Ovirt-devel] management login and password?

Thanks Jan.

Yes, I'm able to login now, but cannot get Firefox to display - the command from the instructions:
|# ssh -Y root 192 168 50 2 firefox http://management.priv.ovirt.org|
| doesnt result in the browser displaying.,consequently I can't do the next step of starting the fake managed nodes..|
|Any ideas?|
|Also, can you tell me where to look for the message logs?|

Jan Mark Holzer wrote:
Susan Burgess wrote:
Hi Mark
The installation appears to be complete - though there were some worrying messages, like dhcpd failed and failed to connect - however, I did see the "starting ovirt-app-first-run" message.. However, the guest is now asking from management login - and I havent been able to login as yet - none of my guesses have worked!
What is the management login and password for the appliance?

The default password for the root account on the management appliance should be 'ovirtwui' It might be worthwhile to send your message log in case you encounter problems so folks can make sure
   your system has actually come up correctly .

- Jan

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