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[Ovirt-devel] ports and hostnames for the ovirt server

In looking at the apache configuration for the ipa server and the
ovirt-wui, I had a few questions...

Right now the assumption being made is that the FreeIPA instance always
gets installed on the same host as the ovirt-wui.  And because of this, we
have to run the FreeIPA server on a non-standard port (8089) because it
currently does not coexist well with other apps on the same port.

Another configuration exists where the FreeIPA server is already installed
elsewhere in the network (maybe someone is already using it for other
purposes) and in this case it'll likely be running on port 80 on that server.

Since by default FreeIPA runs on port 80, it makes more sense to always
keep it on port 80 so that the configuration is the same whether it is
hosted with the oVirt WUI or standalone.

If we agree on that (I'm open to objections here) then the next question
is how to run FreeIPA and oVirt on the same box without conflicts.  A few
options exist:
1. Run oVirt on a different port instead of FreeIPA
2. Use name virtual hosting so that IPA runs on the base hostname and
   oVirt runs on something like ovirt.domain.com.  For the developer
   install, this can be accomplished by mucking with /etc/hosts and
   for prod installs it'll involve DNS, but we already require that for
   other things.  This is tricky because once we start using https and
   FreeIPA does as well, NameVirtualHosting sort of breaks down...
3. Relocate the ipa server so that it's not at the root URL
4. Relocate the ovirt server so that it's not at the root URL

I don't like option 3, since that also changes the default configuration
for FreeIPA.  Option 2 will work for now, but we know it'll break later
when we start using https.

Option 1 is the easiest way to get things working, as long as people don't
object to running the mgmt ui on something other than port 80.

Option 4 might solve the problem, but I'm not sure if it'll work since
FreeIPA does URL rewriting (we can comment this out, but I'd like to not
muck with their stuff and leave things default if possible)



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