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Re: [Ovirt-devel] ports and hostnames for the ovirt server

If you use the url-for tags, they the rails app should be oblivious to the context. This should work for emails too. Note.. this is a rails 2.0 comment.. I dont know about 1.X

-- bk

Scott Seago wrote:
Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

3. Relocate the ipa server so that it's not at the root URL
4. Relocate the ovirt server so that it's not at the root URL

IMHO, both IPA & oVirt should *not* take over the root URL. All apps
should default to a private prefix,  /ipa/  and /ovirt/.  When deploying
in production a simple mod-rewrite  rule can make either app take over
use of /, simply redirecting to the either /ipa or /ovirt depending
on which the server admin decides should be the default.

In addition to apache rewriting, the webapp may need to know this prefix when generating URLs as well. With virt-factory, we did mount the whole app at "/vf" and I had to feed this prefix to rails to prepend this to generated URLs. Perhaps mod-rewrite can do this as well, but I wasn't able to figure that out (although perhaps I was just being dense). Doing this in the app did work, but it was a pain, as we had to prepend the prefix all over the place.
The FreeIPA  config file is fundamentally broken since it assumes it is
the only app living in the apache server. This needs to be fixed so that
they play nicely with other apps. This means living under /ipa/ and having
an optional redirect from / at the site administrators discretion.

The ovirt config suffers from this same problem currently.


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