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Re: [Ovirt-devel] known problem when installing a guest from a CD / DVD

Maybe not the intent to install from a DVD. However Perry and I spent some time last night helping a user try to get a developers version going on her system. For the past week she was trying to install the guest based off of the CD/DVD without success.

We may not want to support installs off of the DVD. However we should mention in the developer instructions that it is known not to work and that the supported method is off of an image on the hard drive. It will save a lot pain and agony for those trying to install and save cycles for those trying to help support them.


Chris Lalancette wrote:
mark wagner wrote:

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there is a known issue with anaconda when installing a guest with a kickstart file from a cdrom or dvd. This is covered on the production install page but not on the developer install page. So if you are installing the developer version check out the "...or build it from the kickstart" section on the regular install page ( http://ovirt.org/production-install.html ) or use the note below...

"However, the Fedora 8 DVD, as shipped, has a bug that prevents cdrom based installs from working properly. You can either choose to do an all network based install (which means you don't have to do the modifications to the kickstart as outlined below), or to download this ( http://ovirt.org/download/Fedora-Unity-20080204-8-x86_64-DVD.iso ) updated Fedora 8 DVD that has the bug in question fixed. Once you have the updated DVD, you can build the appliance:"

For the developer version there is another method you can use. Simply copy the iso image to your hard drive and point the install at it.

I'm guessing that the developer page will be updated shortly....

While what you say is all true, I wasn't intending people to use a CD/DVD for
installs for the developer version.  Hence, I wasn't really planning on updating
the developer page with that information.  If people think that install-from-DVD
is a really important use-case to have, then we can consider adding it to the
developer version.  Note, however, that we are in the process of updating both
the host image and the management UI packages to work on/with F-9, so this may
become moot in the (short) future.

Chris Lalancette

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