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Re: [Ovirt-devel] oVirt console (again!)


>  (3) Running virt-viewer or viagre as separate, standalone programs.
>      This works, but requires the user to type in some very long
>      and complicated command line by hand, and there are unresolved
>      authentication problems.

Authentication problems?  Which authentication problems?

/me uses virt-manager for the guest consoles.  Authenticates just fine
via kerberos, using the same ticket I need for the ovirt wui anyway.

Not the most elegant solution as I'll have to add each node manually to
virt-manager.  Not a big issue either with my two-node-test-setup ;)

For a larger-scale setup you'll probably want build some dedicated app
(say  ovirt-viewer) which gets a list of vms from ovirt, the node they
are running on and then goes talk to libvirt on the nodes for the vnc
display.  The kerberos ticket should open all doors needed.


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