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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Some architecture diagrams

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
There's a number of high level architecture diagrams on the website
giving an overview of what's going on, but since they're aimed at people getting to know the project they're not very detailed. I felt
I wanted some additional more technically detailed/ focused diagrams
to illustrate what we're doing to developers actually writing code
for the project. And so by the power of XFig


I'm attaching a tar.gz with the original XFig sources, so if people have
improvements to make they can fix them up directly. Perhaps we should
put them in source control somewhere ?



Thanks Daniel, these diagrams are very useful and will be incorporated into the oVirt Node Deployment Guide. I will get the diagrams converted into SVG for some vector graphics glory too. Diagrams like this are very useful for troubleshooting and explaining the workings of the program to users as well as developers. Thanks once again, this fills one of my requests exactly (whether you were aware of it or not).


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