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Re: [Ovirt-devel] [PATCH *ALL*] Makefile.am: set OVIRT_DEV from Release: 0 in spec.in file

Jim Meyering wrote:
I'd been running "make build" without setting OVIRT_DEV.
That would cause trouble due to using out of date RPMs.
But in development, we should always simply set OVIRT_DEV=1.
We know we're in development mode when the spec.in file contains
has a line that starts like this:

    Release: 0

so I've adjusted all Makefile.am files to automatically do
what we want.  Painful to have to put this same snippet in
7 different repositories, but very soon I'll be motivated
(and have time) to factor out the worst of that duplication.

These patches seem to work fine, and I would ACK them except...

I've noticed that occasionally the rpm flags for OVIRT_DEV are not set properly in the ovirt-appliance repo, causing the version for ovirt-appliance to occasionally be 0.94-0 even though the Release is 0 in the spec file. I can't seem to replicate the error with any consistency. It just happens once and a while with seemingly the same environment (I know there must be something different, but haven't pinned it down yet)

If anyone has seen this behavior w/o these patches applied please let me know, as maybe this has been a problem all along. It could be that the bashism used to set rpm_flags is not working properly in the Makefile.


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