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Re: [Ovirt-devel] unable to add hosts in web admin tool

Justin Clacherty wrote:
Yes, the managed host booted the oVirt-Node dist via PXE. Both the managed host and the management host have 2 nics. One nic is on the private management network (this is the network the managed host has booted from), the other nic is on my local network.

Please check the logs /var/log/ovirt* to find out what's going on

I'm currently trying out ovirt. I've installed the ovirt appliance on a fedora 9 machine and have a seperate machine on a private lan which I am using as a node. I've looked through the documentation but it doesn't seem to have been updated with the current release.

I've set up cobbler to have the node boot oVirt-Node-x86_64. I noticed that the nodes that were already set up have a kernel parameter set "ovirt_init=scsi", do I need to have this set for my

That parameter sets up local disk partition for persisted Node configuration, see http://ovirt.org/page/Local_Disk_Usage For simplicity try w/o it first.

node too? Once the node is booted, how do I add it in the oVirt web admin tool? When I go to add a hos it doesn't appear in the list.

Nodes register themselves with the ovirt server on boot and show up automatically in WUI.
Check ovirt-host-browser service log.

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