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Re: [Ovirt-devel] unable to add hosts in web admin tool

arshad wrote:

developer-appliance download leads me to 0.91 release. Is there
any way i can download version 0.94 or maybe 0.93 for developer-appliance.

Secondly, while working with 0.91 ( developer-appliance ) ,
create-wui-appliance.sh -v successfully defines "developer". But
when i attempt to "ssh -Y root 192 168 50 2 firefox", it throws
no route error.

Is there something i am missing.


Hi arshad,
Ovirt-appliance is a merged appliance. It is merged from developer and bundle.
 FYI: https://www.redhat.com/archives/ovirt-devel/2008-July/msg00024.html
Some bug exists in lower version.You can get latest ovirt-appliance from ovirt.org.For further more help,you can wait for some instructions from authority who is a member of ovirt team.
 Just for your information.
 Hope this helps. :-)


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