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Re: [Ovirt-devel] Explicit global network modelling

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 12:53:57PM -0400, Mohammed Morsi wrote:
> Just to assist in starting all this, I came up with a quick uml class
> diagram for the new network changes incorporating the new classes and
> relationships,  and accommodating for things like static ip addresses
> and the network usage relationship. It can be accessed here
> http://www.ovirt.org/page/Redesigned_Network_Configuration If anything
> looks off, feel free to point it out.

Some points

 - Network <-> Usage   is  0/1-to-n since you can have zero or
   more usages for each network
 - Having separate tables for 'bonding type' and 'boot type' seems
   like overkill to me - I would have just have a single byte field
   with a CHECK constraint on it.
 - NIC <-> IPAddress is  0/1-to-n  since you can have zero or more
   addresses for each NIC
 - Sub-tables for IPv4 vs IPv6 seems like overkill since they're
   not going to be any different in the info they store
 - Don't use the word 'virtual' in association with network - stick to
   using VLAN instead. 'virtual' already has a defined meaning in libvirt
   application terminology.
 - A physical NIC should associate to a physical network, to enforce 
   that a NIC is a physical connection
 - Bond shouldn't associate with network at all, since that's duplicating
   info already encoded in the NIC -> physical network association
 - A physical NIC & bond should also assciate to VLAN-network, n-to-n to 
   represent the idea that you can enable zero or more VLAN interfaces. 
   In fact this suggests you should have a base class NIC, and sub-classes
   for physical, bond & vlan interfaces.

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