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[Ovirt-devel] Installing oVirt on 32bit dual core server with Fedora Core 12


My setup is 1 management server and 1 server for virtual guests. The management server is an old dual core 32bit machine, the virtual guests server will be a dual quad core Dell server (until someone needs it back for production stuff :) )
This install is for the 32bit management server.
First did a basic install of F12 without any X stuff in it
Made sure /etc/selinux/config is in permissive or disabled mode
Edited my network interfaces, one for management and one for guests network.
After putting the proxy in place (eg. yum.conf, wgetrc, and putting http_proxy and ftp_proxy in roots .bash_profile) I updated the basic install to the latest versions en did a reboot afterwards.
Made sure that in /etc/hosts my hostname entry was correct. should be [x.x.x.x.x name.domain name] and in no other way, found out the hard way.
Downloaded ovirt-release-LATEST.noarch.rpm from http://www.ovirt.org/repos/ovirt/ and installed it
Made sure the repo was enabled by editting /etc/yum.repos.d/ovirt.repo
Did a "yum install ovirt-server ovirt-server-installer ovirt-node-image ovirt-node-image-pxe"
But the ovirt nodes are not available for the 32bit environment so only the ovirt-server packages were installed.

After that I did a "yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update rubygem-activeldap"

Then I ran "ovirt-installer" and after that "ace -d -l ace-install-ovirt.log install ovirt"
That last command does not put all the output in the log file only a few lines, the bulk of the messages are shown on the screen. The 0.100 installer did a better job at that.

After that I could find the web interface at http://ipadress/ovirt and log in with admin and the password I entered at ovirt-installer time.

Next thing to find out is how I get the virtual server (the dual quadcore) booted and configured via pxe, but that's for next week.

Thnx to all the people on IRC that helped me this week.


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