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More .52 notes

pam_filter is hopelessly linux-specific.  IRIX and Solaris choke mightily on
all the ioctl stuff.

pam_passwd+'s makefile redefines WARNINGS, AR, and CFLAGS.  These redefinitions
should be removed.  The regex stuff used in pam_passwd+ does not work on IRIX,
but I assume there is a gnu regex library I can use, if I really need this

pam_rhosts_auth.c includes <endian.h> and <linux/sockios.h>, which isnt 
portable.  As a matter of fact, irix and solaris don't seem to need either of
them.  I think they should both be #ifdef LINUX'd.  Also
the #include <paths.h> should be changed to #include <netdb.h>. This 
file includes paths.h on linux and the defines the required macros on solaris
and irix as well.

pam_group.c needs to #include <sys/stat.h> and <fcntl.h> after where it 

I'll keep going and post more changes as I get to them.

There are also a whole collection of changes to the top-level makefile, which
I will pass on when I am done with it ;-)

Josh Wilmes  (wilmesj@jpl.nasa.gov)
Section 393, EIS Project
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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