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Re: XSSO? How to communicate to XSSO/PAM external authentication info?

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 10:58:05PM +0200, Pavel Kankovsky wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Nicolas Williams wrote:
> >  - export pam_set_data() and pam_get_data() to the PAM apps;
> IMHO, it is a bad idea to reuse (read: abuse) an existing interface
> designed to do one thing (private storage of opaque module data) to do a
> completely different thing (provide a communication channel between apps
> and modules, or "extensible pam_[gs]et_item()").

PAM items certainly have grown in quantity. pam_?et_data() and
pam_?et_item() are similar enough the main difference being the way
items and data are named. The fact that pam items are identified by enum
integers makes it hard to extend them. String naming conventions are far
easier to deal with.

A new interface through which the app can inform and query PAM for
various things, with an API and an SPI, would be better. But exporting
pam_?et_data() would be easiest, and given their similarity to pam items
I see no real reason not to do it.

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