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Re: pam_setcred

In linux.redhat.pam, msg id <39A582D8.D2A44B0D@uswest.net> you wrote:
 >> Wher can I get the pam_setcred module?
 >> Joshua Holland.
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pam_setcred() is not a module but a function in libpam.so.  It
is called by pam-aware apps normally after a user has been authenticated
by pam_authenticate(), the user's account has been verified by pam_acct_mgmt(),
and a session has been started by pam_open_session().

It is used to set the credentials of the user, which are like properties
which make that user unique.   pam_setcred() calls the pam_sm_setcred()
functions of the loaded modules for that particular stack of modules.

If you're interested in pam_setcred(), you probably want to learn to
write a pam-aware application.  Have a look in /usr/doc/pam-* and see
if the pam docs are installed on your Redhat system.

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