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RE: Telnet and PAM

I've got some more information/weirdness on my Telnet problem.

If I sit at the console, I can login with an LDAP only account
that has a clear text password.  I cannot login with an LDAP
account that has an encrypted password.  I also cannot login
with an account that is in both the LDAP and the passwd files.
I cannot telnet with any of the above accounts.  I can ssh with
all of the accounts.

It seems like I'm having a couple of problems with 'login'.
I am running RedHat 6.2, so from what I understand, telnet is
actually running login.  Login doesn't seem to be recognizing
the {crypt} attribute on the password.  And something is
causing remote telnet logins to immediately log back out.
Before I started adding LDAP to the authentication, telnet
worked just fine.

Sign me confused,

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On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 09:04:10AM -0500, Kelli Wolfe wrote:
> Hello,
> I've seen in the archives where people are using Telnet
> and PAM together, how?  I have OpenSSH authenticating
> against OpenLDAP with nss_ldap and pam_ldat, but every
> time I try to telnet to the machine I get the error:
> Connection closed by foreign host.  It appears in the
> LDAP logs to authenticate properly, but then it just
> dies.

Sounds like something is getting a segv. Could be login (do console logins
work?), or one of the *-ldap modules, or even PAM itself.

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