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Re: [Pam-discuss] mod_auth_pam on HP-UX?

[pam-discuss@sourceforge is not really used. I cc'ed your mail to
pam-list@redhat instead]

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 02:09:21PM -0700, Alan Millar wrote:
> Is anyone using mod_auth_pam for Apache on HP-UX?

A while back (at least a year) someone wrote me about usage on
HP-UX. If I can find that mail again, I'll give you the details.

If I remember correctly, he had to define SOLARIS26 -- which is bad (I
should re-name the define...), but HPUX has the same brain-damaged
conversation as 2.6 apparently.

> I'm not sure if load_modules is part of Apache, HP-UX PAM, or who knows
> what?

AFAIK, thats a PAM function. Never saw it in the Apache API.

> Although I don't have a libdl, there is a libdld.  I don't know if that
> should be a substitute or not, but simply substituting that in the apxs line
> didn't help.  I just got a lot of unresolved references when running apache.

Run nm on your libraries and look which one contains "dlopen".

btw, if HP-UX knew the ELF spec, they would have made libpam load the
needed libraries themselves... (because libdl is really a libpam
dependency, not a mod_auth_pam one).

Ingo Luetkebohle / 21st Century Digital Boy

its easy to stop using Perl: I do it after every project

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