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Re: GSSAPI mechglue

   From: Luke Howard <lukeh@PADL.COM>
   Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 21:17:03 +1100

   >I also recall that Sub released some GSSAPI source but several people
   >said it has a sign away your birthright license.

   Looking at the MIT Kerberos source, there is some mechglue
   contributed by Sun which is commented out in the makefiles. It
   doesn't look like it would compile, though, because the
   mechglue GSS functions take a context argument and the
   Kerberos V mechanism one's don't (they call kg_get_context()

Code was buggy as all heck, and so in the interests of stablizing the
code base (especially since there wasn't another GSSAPI mechanism to
dispatch against, so all it did was add overhead to no good purpose), I
disabled it.

If someone wants to try to get it working again, that would be great,
but be warned that it doesn't necessary get all of the conversions
between mechanism-tagged credentials, contexts, OID's, etc. and ones
with the mechanism tagged removed to be passed off to the
mechanism-specific GSSAPI implementation code.  

The code did indeed originally come from Sun, but I honestly hope it got
seriously shaken down and bugfixed before it got integrated into

						- Ted

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