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mod_auth_pam on HP-UX?

[ I am forwarding this since I've heard this is a better forum for this.
Thanks  - Alan ]

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From: Alan Millar [mailto:Alan.Millar@lpcorp.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 2:09 PM
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Subject: mod_auth_pam on HP-UX?


Is anyone using mod_auth_pam for Apache on HP-UX?  I'm trying to get it
installed and working.  I have a working Apache 1.3 installation which I
have been able to successfully put other mod_auth modules into (such as

This is on HP-UX 11.00 (32 bit) with the HP full development ANSI C

I downloaded mod_auth_pam 1.0a.   It compiles OK, but I'm having some kind
of problems with the linking and/or loading.

The main rule in the Makefile is:

  mod_auth_pam.so: mod_auth_pam.c
      apxs -c -lpam -ldl mod_auth_pam.c

I can't find a libdl anywhere on my system.   If I simply remove the " -ldl
" from the makefile, it will compile and install.  But when I run apache and
attempt to connect, it refuses the authentication, and in syslog there is a
line that says:

    syslog: load_modules: can not open module

That is the correct module for HP-UX specified in /etc/pam.conf

I'm not sure if load_modules is part of Apache, HP-UX PAM, or who knows

Although I don't have a libdl, there is a libdld.  I don't know if that
should be a substitute or not, but simply substituting that in the apxs line
didn't help.  I just got a lot of unresolved references when running apache.

I've been reading through the mod_auth_pam docs, and it looks like the rest
of the PAM documentation: no mention of HP-UX, only Linux and Solaris.

Anyone have any tips, or can point me in the right direction?  Thanks!

- Alan

Alan Millar                  Email: Alan.Millar@LPCorp.com
Unix System Administrator    Voice: 503-624-9004 x3014
Louisiana-Pacific            Fax:   509-692-3948

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