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Re: calling pam_sm_open_session

Kelli Wolfe wrote:
> It figures:  the one time I want a core dump, I can't get one.
> I tried both of Michael's suggestions (see #1 below) and neither
> produced a core file.  I'm guessing the problem isn't with login.

You should restart inetd for this to work.  This way:

  service inetd restart

The file I mentioned (/etc/init.d/functions) gets consulted only
when daemon(s) started by init.  BTW, login itself can disable
cores for safety. Should not, but I'm not shure...

> I'm going to start compiling everything I can think of with
> whatever debug options I can find.  In the mean time, can

It maybe useless if you have no core file.  Only one debug
option relevant (well, maybe others) is "-g" option for [g]cc.
And not together with "-s" (that will strip debuggings right
after it will be created); and not with "strip" command after
link, that redhat's RPM currently does (the same thing).
Even -g is not really necessary.

> anyone tell me what the "debug" on the /etc/pam.d/* files
> does?  Am I supposed to get error/debug messages somewhere?
> Anywhere in particular?  I can't see where that's giving me
> anything.
Most pam modules accepts but ignores "debug" option.  Or,
produces so little additional "debug" info that can be
considered nothing.  That is a bad practice, but it is reality.
But I don't know about pam_ldap in this respect.


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