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RE: calling pam_sm_open_session

Yes, I'm confused as to why I'm so lucky.  I turned the debug on 
in the PAM-0.70 modules yesterday and got all of the "called",
"done", etc. messages and didn't see any problem.  I'm now
suspecting that I have a bad version of something.  I'm going to
spend today looking for newer versions or patches of everything
on the system and see if that helps any.

On the positive side:  I'm learning an awful lot about LDAP
and the Linux OS, both of which are interesting and worth
the effort.

Thank you everyone for your help,

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BTW, Kelli, this is strange enouth.  Why you are only one who
encountered such a problem?!  I guess that many sites has setup
similar to yours... (I wan't blame you, no, I just curious.)

Can you please (if you have working lilo "linux single") comment
out "auth required pam_pwdb.so ..." line (and change sufficient
to required on ldap line) or insert "auth required pam_deny.so"
before that pwdb line in your pam.d/login file and see how this
will affect your problem?  (Note that you probably can't login
as root in this case -- I recall "linux single").
Or, try to stack 'em in reverse order -- sufficient pwdb first,
and required ldap with use_first_pass second.
The [pam_]pwdb has many assorted bugs (and pam_unix also)... :(

I don't know the difference between plain login and telnetd+login
in "pam" point of view.  Or, there should be _no_ difference.
And I started to think that strace can be useful also (But I'm
not an "ldap guru", so I'll not understand all the details).
Kelli, can you repost that strace?

And aha, Ben Collins already "groked" that -- he said that this
is sigsegv, and that was in the first thread (that I didn't
read until now)!


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