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pam_rhosts_auth - does not seem to work ?


can plz someone send me *the* lifesaving hint !?

pam_rhosts_auth does not work the way as it should:

/etc/hosts.equiv contains:

hosts.allow and hosts.deny are empty/removed.

if I login via rlogin/rsh from MYCLIENT to the machine,
I got the following in the syslog:

MYSERVER pam_rhosts_auth[10127]: user MYUSER has a `+' user entry
MYSERVER pam_rhosts_auth[10127]: denied to MYUSER@MYCLIENT.MYDOMAIN
 as MYUSER: access not allowed

whats wrong with my configuration. According to the documentation,
the debug option is not yet implemented for pam_rhosts_auth. How
can I debug the problem  ... ?

THNX, Roger
Dr. Roger Zimmermann *** Institute of Physiology, Hamburg
Martinistra/3e 52 D-20246 Hamburg Tel.: <D>/40 42803 5351
--------------------------------  Fax.: <D>/40 42803 4920
R.Zimmermann=at=Uke.Uni-Hamburg.de // roz=at=snafu.de
PGP-ID:  Roger Zimmermann <zimmermann=at=fvk-berlin.de>
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