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Re: pam_kcoda Kerberized Coda pam module

I have placed your module here:




Ivan Popov wrote:
> Hello!
> I look for a suitable location to submit/place a pam module I have hacked,
> for acquiring kerberized-Coda credentials - good for homedirs on Coda.
> [I think that a generic "run a program with parameterizable arguments"
> module might be best for similar tasks, but I am not aware of one and such
> project is beyond my time limits.]
> The module is heavily based on pam_coda but it works a bit differently and
> is not compatible with the prototype in any way. It looks like it is
> easier to have separate coda modules for kerberos and non-kerberos
> environments, hard to put the concepts together.
> I would like to avoid hosting on the web myself and/or supporting, just
> want to share a reasonably useful piece of code.
> Yours,
> --
> Ivan
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                          Name: pam_kcoda-v0.1.tgz
>    pam_kcoda-v0.1.tgz    Type: unspecified type (APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM)
>                      Encoding: BASE64

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