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Q: "Relay" an authentication request?

I have a web server, Box A, which does not have many (shell) users.  I
have successfully implemented password-authentication to access various
areas of the web site - Apache using mod_auth_pam, with a few tweaks to
allow it to read the shadow password file.  Obviously, this will only
authenticate users of Box A.

I have another server, Box B, which everyone uses.  Is it possible to
"relay" the PAM request from Box A to Box B, so that when faced with a
password authentication request for a web page on Box A, the user is
sucessfully logged in if they correctly enter their Box B username and

Apologies if this is in any way a FAQ, but I have not been able to find
anything that discusses this, at least not in as many words ...

Both servers run Linux, kernel 2.2.x ...


Dave Ewart
Computing Manager
ICRF Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Oxford UK

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