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Re: ssh and expired passwords

> > Here is an interesting one:  I have an account with an expired
> > password.  I try to login to this account via ssh.  After getting the
> > password prompt and entering the password I get the error "Only root
> > can specify a username," after which the connection is closed.  This
> > does not happen if I use rlogin.  If I  un-expire the password ssh
> > works fine.  Any ideas?
> You probably need to upgrade to a recent version of OpenSSH that does sane
> handling of password expiry through PAM.

Another interesting one. I finally implemented the chroot to certain users
at login time. I added pam_chroot to pam.d/login and worked fine, but worked
only with login, nor with ssh. I think ssh still have some problems with
pam. I copied the content of pam.d/login exactly to pam.d/sshd and didn't
work. Any suggestions?


Maykel Moya
3rd year Informatic Engineering Student, ISPJAE
Havana City. Cuba
Linux registered user #182344

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