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Re: Pop Auth wery slow

Hi Christian,

>       i have finally installed my redhat mail server (7.0)
>       but i have a little problem. When i retrieve the mail
>       from the pop3 server i must wait a lot for the user auth.
>       The log files don't report any error because the mail is correctly 
> retrieved and sent.
> Is there someone who had the same problem?
> I see that something similar happens to wu-ftpd.
> What i should check :

the first thing that comes to my mind is host name resolving.

Check in /etc/nsswitch.conf for a line like this:
	hosts:  files nis dns

If you do dns name resolving you should check /etc/resolv.conf:
Are all nameserver entries valid? These entries are processed in
sequence: If the first nameserver is unavaillable it waits (half a minute)
and then takes the second. If that fails (half a minute) the third is


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