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Re: Pop Auth wery slow

I had a similar problem with FTP and SendMail.  First thought it was a DNS issue - not returning reverse lookups.  Turned out to be ipchains blocking DNS lookups.

Try a /etc/rc.d/init.d/ipchains stop 
and see if it goes away.  If it does, then restart ipchains and work on your rule sets.

>>> cris_pam@sistemalinux.it 09/05/01 10:26AM >>>
Hi to all List,
      i have finally installed my redhat mail server (7.0)
      but i have a little problem. When i retrieve the mail
      from the pop3 server i must wait a lot for the user auth.
      The log files don't report any error because the mail is correctly 
retrieved and sent.
Is there someone who had the same problem?
I see that something similar happens to wu-ftpd.
What i should check :
 PAM ?
 XinetD ?
 Sendmail ?
 Imap2000 ?

thanks to all in advance
all helps would be appreaciated

Cristian Marchionni

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