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Re: telnet problem

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, chetana wrote:

> hi,
>   i am facing problems in telnetting to a red hat linux6.2 machine. the
> m/c does not allow any non-root users to login with their passwords.
> non-root users can login only when the root password is given . also,
> root user cannot directly login to the m/c thru telnet. any pointers to
> this will be highly appreciated.

root should never be allowed to telnet into a machine--this is a security
feature. In fact, you should never use telnet. Use ssh

What's "m/c"?

Your first problem description sounds like a PAM problem. How about some
relevant /var/log/messages output and list of any changes you have done to
the stock files in the /etc/pam.d directory?


P.S. If you take time to write a proper email describing you problems in
good detail (with log files, changes in the past, etc), and with proper
grammar, you changes of someone helping you out will increase.

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