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Coding Pam.

Hi. I am new to this list and to PAM so I hope that you all will be nice to
me :-)


The company that I am working for have diced that over program will use PAM
as an authentication.


The program is used under Linux, Sun and Digital.


I have made a small program to test it. It looks like this.


#include <security/pam_appl.h>

#include <security/pam_misc.h>

#include <stdio.h>



static struct pam_conv conv = {





int main(int argc, char *argv[])


    pam_handle_t *pamh=NULL;

    int retval;

    const char *user="guest";


   retval = pam_start("check_user", user, &conv, &pamh);


   if(argc == 2) {

        user = argv[1];



    if(argc < 2) {

        fprintf(stderr, "Usage: check_user [username]\n");




   if (retval == PAM_SUCCESS)



    if (retval == PAM_SUCCESS)

        retval = pam_authenticate(pamh, 0);    /* is user really user? */


    if (retval == PAM_SUCCESS)

       retval = pam_acct_mgmt(pamh, 0);       /* permitted access? */


    /* This is where we have been authorized or not. */


    if (retval == PAM_SUCCESS) {

        fprintf(stdout, "Authenticated\n");

    } else {

        fprintf(stdout, "Not Authenticated\n");



    if (pam_end(pamh,retval) != PAM_SUCCESS) {     /* close Linux-PAM */

        pamh = NULL;

        fprintf(stderr, "check_user: failed to release authenticator\n");




    return ( retval == PAM_SUCCESS ? 0:1 );       /* indicate success */



Now to my problem.


1)       The program I am manage is using a webpage for the user to login
to. So I can’t use misc_conv an as I understand is that misc_conv and
pam_misc.h is Linux specified. So how should I write the program so that
misc_conv is not used so that I can send in the password before
pam_authenticate. I like to do something like this
retval=pam_set_item(pamh,PAM_USER,user); but for password.

2)       This should also work on Solaris and in the further Digital.


What I would like is a small example code. So if you known some program or
webpage that have this please show me the way.


Sorry for my English.




Simon Johansson 


Umeå University 

SE - 90187 Umeå


Phone:          +46(0)90 - 786 70 88

Fax:             +46(0)90 - 786 69 91

www:            <http://www.umu.se/ladokenheten> www.umu.se/ladokenheten  


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