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Re: pam-0.79: Bug in pam_tally:tally_get_data?

On Mon, Jun 27, Andreas Haumer wrote:

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> Hi!
> I'm currently hunting a bug after upgrading to pam-0.79 and I'm
> wondering if anyone has found similar problems.
> Symptom: programs using the pam_tally module (like login)
> are crashing with SIGSEGV in the tally_get_data function.

This is fixed already in CVS.

> PS: While hunting this bug, I found that the online documentation
> of the pam_tally module as found on the PAM website at kernel.org
> is outdated, as some options have changed name and/or semantics
> during the rewrite im pam-0.79.

It is updated now.

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