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Re: Pam-list Digest, Vol 16, Issue 15


let me add some comments:

1) I think the question is why after pam_start, the function pam_get_item(..., PAM_SERVICE,..), doesn't return the name of the real loaded service? I sow in the source of xscreensaver the same comment about this problem.

pam_get_item() on client side (what the user program calls) is not the same as pam_get_item() you see on the module side (though it's in fact much the same code). It returns to you (the user) willingly just what you put in, _NOT_ what it makes from your input. Remember User/Modules are quite like Client/Server.

However: if anybody outside konws a dirty trick to do this without a
SUID helper, please let me know, maybe alas we found the circle's

2) Yes. This was an option that I tried. But I saw that xscreensaver have the same problem, so it must be a solution without start a Sbit program (maybe?)!

Of cousrse this has to be a SUID helper program, because all the PAM client calls run in the context of the calling user.

Regards Andreas
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schindler

Alpha Zero One Computersysteme GmbH
Frankfurter Str. 141
63303 Dreieich

Telefon 06103-57187-21
Telefax 06103-373245

schindler az1 de

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