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how does pam_putenv() work?

Hi guys,

	I'm still fairly new to the PAM world. I'm writing a pam 
module now and tried to set up some environment variables for SSHD 
by calling pam_putenv() inside the pam_sm_authenticate() call however 
it never works. After the user is logged in through SSH, "env" 
command never showed those variables I intended to set. The sshd file 
under /etc/pam.d looks like this,

auth       required     ims_pam.so
account    required     ims_pam.so
password   required     ims_pam.so
session    required     ims_pam.so

where ims_pam.so is the pam module I wrote. I reviewed 

The System Administrators' Guide
The Module Writers' Manual
The Application developers' Manual

but didn't find anything reltaed to this issue. I also tried to move 
the pam_putenv() call into pam_sm_setcred() but it didn't work 
either. Am I missing something here?



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