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[Patternfly] PatternFly Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to do a quick update/check-in with those of you actively involved with pattern work.  All Q2 patterns have now gone through a primary review.  Thank you for all of you who volunteered to read these patterns and record your comments, and also to the receivers of these comments for your receptiveness to hearing this feedback.  I have no doubt that the collection of patterns that we have will be stronger because of this.  Now the remaining task is to finalize the pattern content so we may proceed with moving them from draft to published status on the site.  My target has been to complete this work on or before Sept 2.  I recognize that this is coming up quickly and many of you only received the review feedback a few days ago.  But please let me know when you have completed or will complete the work, and if there's anything I can do to help.  

Also, a reminder that our Q2 retrospective review/Q3 planning session will take place next Wednesday (9/3).  If you haven't already, please log any issues here for discussion: http://etherpad.corp.redhat.com/patternfly-q2-retrospective  We will take these up during the meeting to identify potential actions and/or process improvements we may take on.



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