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Re: [Patternfly] disabled buttons

Thanks Gabriel,

I think the grey-on-grey disabled button looks better within a table than in the middle of a page. 

The solution we went with for OpenShift was to change the background color to white so we can use the blue primary and grey disabled button styles. We also moved the status out of the block of text so the button doesn't interfere with the spacing. 

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 9:17 AM, Gabriel Cardoso <gcardoso redhat com> wrote:

Has anyone else shown a disabled button on a grey background? Is it an issue that it blends in?

We do have this in a table:

Button is disabled until a row is selected.

Is it better to use links for inline actions like these and to only display the link when it is available (rather than trying to have a disabled state)?

I would use a link for this type of inline action, a button doesn’t seem necessary (visually). Regarding displaying the link, it is weird to just hide it in some situations (if you have situations where it IS possible to Retry), the user might think “why can’t I retry? there was an option here before…”. A solution for that would be to inform that it is not possible to retry. You could have, for example:

X Failed (not possible to retry)


Gabriel Cardoso
UX designer @ Red Hat


Allie Jacobs


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